Amazing find

16/08/2012 17:03

Hi tortoise lovers,here is an amazing story told to me by a friend who has tortoises  from me and some of her own.She has some of different ages and had them in the garden last year for a little sunshine.She went to put them back indoors into their tortoise table and the little one and I mean a fairly new hatchling had gone!!!! she searched high and low but it had disappeared!! this lady was utterly distraught because the hatchling was so tiny it would not know what to do and would not survive the harsh winter.........well, this Spring she was in the garden and spotted a stone on the lawn ,went to pick it up and there looking as tiny as ever but there all the same was her little one!!!!! Can you imagine her delight, she emailed me pictures and if she lets me I will post them on the site for you to see.. Not only did this amazing tiny little thing survive it knew to go and forage then dig itself in for the winter and hibernate outside in the ground. It knew to empy its stomach,it knew when it was time to hibernate,it knew what to do...So as I said in my blog about hibernation we are just helping these wonderful creatures to do what comes naturally.