31/08/2012 18:44

I have been asked a few times about bathing your  tortoise so I thought I would tell you what I do. The babies can be bathed once the umbilical area has sealed completely.This can take a few days and it is a good idea to leave it at least a week to ten days.If not sealed completely bacteria can get in. You can put them in any shallow dish or bowl . Put enough warm water in so that they can still get their head above the water.The first thing they will do if thirsty is drink; they will put their whole head under the water for as long as they drink so don't worry because sometimes it is quite a little while. Then you change the water and usually they will then  wee and poo  and sometimes pass the uric acid (White chalky stuff)  this is natural  and necessary as otherwise they could get a kidney stone. You can also brush their shell very gently with a baby toothbrush if dirty.Once all this has been done you can dry them carefully, check their eyes etc . and put them under the lamp area to warm up........The older tortoise is basically the same other than you can do this in the kitchen sink! or in the garden in plastic bowls etc.Use warm water the same as you would for the babies. You can also brush their shells with a  normal toothbrush. The older tortoises love it just as much as the babies. You can bath the babies every day  but only for a few minutes  no more than about 3-5, every other day is fine too.   What this does is to keep them and their carapaces  hydrated.It also lets you spend time with them and they get used to being handled and touched. If you touch your nail on your finger that is the same as they feel on their shell. The older tortoise can sit in the water for alot longer but they will normally do the same thing, drink, wee and poo.....and pass the uric acid.You will find some just wallow and others just want  to get out...thats fine, some of us like baths where others like showers!!!! Have fun..