Busy time

28/10/2012 13:39

Hi everyone. well, it has been a little while since I wrote but  things have been a little hectic.. Anyway, all my girls and boys have now gone to sleep for the winter. Their homes are  full of hay and they are all tucked up  safe and secure.. I thought things would now be quiet for a little while but  no, I  now have another 6 that have joined the clan.. First there is   Rosie and Jim a pair of Hermanns;  and  along with them came Samson and Deliah a , pair of Spur Thighed. They came from a really lovely lady whose circumstances changed and she wanted them to go to a loving forever home. After seeing my web site she knew she had found it ! So, they had never been hibernated and it has taken me 2 weeks to settle them, bathing them every day to empty their stomachs etc and now after being outside for a few days they happily moved into the houses and promptly went to sleep ! Brilliant.... Today, I  am very happy to announce the arrival of  2 beautiful  Hermann  girls  who also have never been hibernated. They came from a lovely family who have done a great job with them. I will over the next few weeks settle them in and eventually they will also hibernate this year...They  have wonderful personalities and I can't wait for the Spring to introduce them to all the other girls. My camera is not working at the moment  so I can't take pictures . They are called Rocky and Pebbles but as Rocky is also a girl I am going to rename her Bam Bam !! So we have Pebbles and Bam  Bam.. Love it !