Egg candling and Mini me !!

25/08/2012 10:01

I thought I would tell you  about Mini Me. Many years ago all my eggs had hatched except one.Now, I try very hard not to interfere with the eggs during incubation but this one lone egg refused to hatch so finally I decided to candle it.By that I mean you hold a candle underneath the egg and if there is a baby it will show up.Well, I don't use a candle I use a small torch in a dark cupboard.Anyway, I put the light under the egg and low and behold it was there !! very full and dense.After much thought I decided to pierce the shell very very carefully so as not to injure the tortoise. This imediately let air in and I saw the little one move so I knew it was alive. I put it under the lamp and watched for over an hour when all of a sudden the egg just opened right up!!  and there was Mini Me BUT  still attached to him was his twin who had sadly passed away.... Well, I had never seen this before, I had heard of it but it is very rare. So, I put clean towels in the open housing under the lamp , thoroughly cleaned my hands and a pair of nail scissors and very carefully cut the umbilical cord attaching both twins.!! I then put Mini Me under the lamp and waited...  He very soon started to move around and the umbilical shrivelled . Within a few hours the area had almost closed. He began eating the next day and  hasn't stopped since !! He is very small for his age due his difficult time in the egg and although his twin sadly died I am so pleased I opened his egg.....This leads me to Gertrudes and Bertha's eggs. Tomorrow I have decided to candle them !!  I will let you know..