20/08/2012 20:05

I thought today I would tell you about Gertrude; well actually Gertrude and Ermintrude ! They were given to me in the 1970s  by an elderly friend of my aunts who was going into a home.  She was 97!! and Gertie and Ermintrude were aquired by her parents before she was born  . Now,I still have Gertrude; Ermintrude sadly passed away a few years ago but Gertie is still going strong; and that makes her  at least 135 !!!!!!! Yes really. Every year I worry about whether she will wake up from hibernation and also has she eaten enough to see her through the winter months.  She is really wonderful, a proper lady, very quiet and  well mannered. Now, the other day I put Grumpy in  with Bertha to do the business  but he made a beeline for Gertie. I was just about to move him away  when she  danced from side to side, showing she was happy..... So..  they did  and a couple of weeks later  I went out to check on them all  because it was raining and there's Gertie  digging a hole !!  Well, I shouted for hubby Steve  who came running thinking I had hurt myself. After explaining he got me a table to cover her and a blanket to put over the back so she could lay in peace... She laid me  9 eggs !!  I don't think they will hatch but you never know. At least if they don't hatch I know she  has expelled them so  thats good. They are due in a couple of weeks  so I will let you all know. So there you have it,  with love, care and the right diet etc your tortoise could live a very very long life ........ There is a picture of her in the photo gallery , there is a pink swimming pool behind her in the photo..