05/01/2014 14:34

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and lets hope 2014 will be a great year. On a sad note ; a few days ago a local family lost everything in a house fire including their beloved 2 dogs and a cat! But they also had 2 Hermann tortoises in a vivarium who were brought out barely alive with blackened shells and smoke filled lungs. A friend of the family got in touch with me to see if I could help.. Well, of course I said I would do all I could for them in these terrible circumstances.  So, the journey began.... Firstly I had to scrub their shells and then soak them in water for over an hour with steam as well to try and clear their lungs. (when they breathed in and out it was very shallow and had a charred smell) After that Steve made a make shift tent and we gave them some pure oxygen. Anti biotics next; internal and then for eyes as they were really swollen. Although they were origionally in a viv as you know I don't use them so they went into a table top with a sola glo bulb  as usual. A couple of times when it was really windy I took them outside wind facing so they would breathe in lots of fresh air. This has been going on for days around the clock with extra internal water given to stop deydration and lots of love and attention to help them on their way...I was really worried about the smaller one as she really didn't want to open her eyes and was in a semi coma for 3 days and the other one just seemed to walk in a circle BUT.....This morning they were quite perky, had a long soak, a wee and a poo and then...... Had something to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how fantastic these creatures are. They are bright and are moving around really well so I am sure they will be fine. They will need more anti biotics for a while and may be prone to respiritory problems but who knows.. The owners friend took them today also amazed they were alive and well.. I would have kept them for longer but due to personal things I couldn't . So, I recommened they see the vet to get more anti biotics then  go in a table top house. As they are very large for their age due to the viv it will be good for the growth to slow down then hopefully the internal organs can have a bit of a rest too. I will let you all know how it goes with them as I have asked the friend to keep me posted; also  it will be lovely to speak to the owner as well .. So, there you are I am just so pleased I could help and it was so worth it to see the 2 girls looking at me  when I was soaking them this morning as if to say " This is great we feel so much better!"