19/09/2012 08:32

Hi everyone, well ,I am awaiting this years final hatchlings ! they are due in the next 2 weeks so it's an exciting but worrying time. It has been quite a season with the hatchlings.. The Spur Thighed  eggs  just weren't viable and from talking to other Spur breeders it seems to have happened to alot of us this year. Natural culling ? I don't know but sad... The Hermanns on the other hand have been brilliant again, I am so proud of all my girls; and boys of course because without them there would not be any babies at all.I  have finally turned off Gerties eggs, how horrible was that. I had a good long cry then went out and gave her some rasberries..The new pens will be finished this weekend ,I will post some pictures when finished.So, keep all fingers and toes crossed as I have alot of expectant mums waiting!!!