25/06/2013 15:51

HI everyone, well, it  has been a little while since my last blog but things have been rather hectic. I must talk about  the picture gallery.I was going to post pictures of all the new girls and boys who have joined the clan but having spoken to a breeder friend of mine about security I have decided unfortunately not to do this anymore. Although I have numerous cameras and 24 hour cctv ,  some as you come onto the propery and when you leave it along with many cameras for the pens etc both indoors and out plus night vision !!!  I have been advised you cannot be too careful. I always ask my buyers not to tell anyone where I am but .... Both my friend and I have received odd phone calls asking many times where abouts we are. I never say until  I know the person is really serious about a hatchling and it is really easy to read when someone is just fishing for a location. So, please never say where I am just tell anyone interested to ring me first. Getting back to the pictures, all these lovely girls and boys are just tooooo precious to  risk it. Therefore anyone who was waiting I am sorry but please be assured it is because I care very much for they safety and well being. Anyone who would like to know how their donated toroise is please ring me or email me and then you can come and see them..