10/09/2012 19:24

Hi everyone,I have tried lots of plants in my tortie pens over the years and here are some that work really well. Bamboo, large and the smaller version, good for shade and  sturdy so the tortie won't flatten them. You can also cut the height to suit you. Hebes are pretty and  hardy , you can get some lovely colours which brighten up the pens.. Ornamental grasses are pretty and can be chopped around really well.If you go to a nursery look for evergreens . Try putting pebbles  around different areas  for interest and   little slopes and dips are great. Your tortoise will love exploring so change things every now and again.  As Autumn is approaching it is a good time to start tidying and clearing. There is still time to put plants in  but their growth will slow down ready for Winter. You can also put plants in like Ice Plant which they love but don't expect it to be there the following day!!! If anyone knows of  any other good hardy plants please go to the forum and leave a message .