13/08/2013 21:57

I thought I would talk a little about plants for your Tortoise. Obviously they love dandelions and clover etc and you can buy tortoise seeds which I tried with great success this year. There are other plants you can grow lots of even if you don't have alot of space. One plant that is great and easy to grow is Ice plant , it is a succulant that is full of water and really good for your tortoise. You can grow it in tubs and to take a cutting all you have to do is break a stem off, remove the lower leaves and push into soil ; I am growing it every where; You just break stems off and give them to your totoise they don't usually eat the stems only the leaves.They love clematis so grow it up fences etc .Hibbiscus is another good one as is mallow leaves and flowers ,it was a weed originally but has been cultivated and now comes in lots of colours. Try lots of different  foods with your tortoise so that it does not become  a fussy eater!