17/09/2012 21:01

Hi everyone; well it has been a very sad weekend for a friend of mine who has had 4 tortoises STOLEN !  It would have been 5 if it wasn't for the fact one of them was basking under a bush!  The sad thing is it must be some one known to her  because it was not a break in , they just got into the garden and took the tortoises! I have said on many occasions it is hard not to talk about ones tortosies  and you can't help it because you love them so much. If you have children they will talk about them it is only natural but some where along the line the information passes on until one day a very nasty person hears and there you are ... You will probably never find out unless over time someone slips up. My friends tortoises were micro chipped and she has photo's but if someone has gone to this much trouble they are probably not going to be sold. So , what I want to say is, take photo's top and bottom ,of the face close up and  any marks. Micro chipping is recomended but I am not really sure it will get you tortoise back . Put up a camera in your garden if you can to monitor the tortoise area. Also ,a light that comes on automatically if something or someone walks by it. Put stones around the perimeter of your garden and by gates as these make a noise under foot and if you have a dog they will definitely hear it, so would you. I feel so upset for my friend ,it's not like you can just go and get some more tortoises off the shelf the same age and personality.. Please do all you can to safe guard your tortoise/s, if someone you don't know asks what are the pens for in your garden tell them you have rabbits. Do tell people  you have camera's so that anyone listening will think twice. This weekend my Hubby was really busy  building me closed in tortise pen's!  they have a roof and a lockable door so NOTHING is going to get in !  What with the camera's night vision and everything else I have done all I can. I appologise if this worries anyone but  I think it is important to tell you all.