shower time !

19/08/2012 10:24

Wow ! what another hot day. I have just given the torties outside a lovely cooling rain shower, they love it. All you do is put your hose on the softest spray ( I have whats calles a soaker mode) then put it high above them and turn it on. They turn their heads up to the source and  absolutely love it .Then where the water collects on the ground they drink. It is a great way of keeping them hydrated in the heat. If you haven't got a hose and they haven't got their own pool in their pen then put them in a bowl with cool water for 10 minutes or so; they will probably wee and poo in it but thats great because you will know everything is working well. Don't forget they will sometimes pass the white chalky stuff as well but this is good too as it is the toxins being expelled naturally. If this never happened then they could get a bladder stone. Happy showering !!