27/08/2012 17:36

Hi everyone, I am so sorry if I have been quiet today but I would just like to say a BIG THANKYOU  to all those of you who have been emailing me with your kind thoughts about what has happened over the last couple of days.  It was nice today as  a lovely lady came from Coventry to pick up her babies. She too lost a beautiful  boy tortoise very tragically and only now is ready to start again . what better way than with a pair of tiny, beautifully formed amazing Hermanns tortoises. She left with a wonderful smile on her face and  couldn't wait to get home to show her lovely Grandson. I look forward to another wonderful  friendship. Again, I thankyou for your kind thoughts and it is so lovely to know there are people who really care. Tomorrow, I will once again be writing so keep watching...x