04/04/2013 20:40

HI everyone. I thought I would write about waking from hibernation  as I have received lots of emails from worried owners.. The weather has been so cold that every thing is late this year.Normally most would wake from mid March to the end of the month but because of the snow/cold they are still not awake. Or ,if they have they are very very sluggish. None of mine are awake yet and  of course it is a worrying time but you can't force them to wake up. Whilst they are sleeping  they are not using energy so are fine. I understand the worry about enough weight to sustain them but  there is not much to do other than wait. If you are concerned after checking that your tortie is very light in weight then you can bring it indoors so that it will wake slowly in the house . It is not a good idea  however to put it under a lamp because it won't be long before it    goes back into the garden with the cooler temperature. Of course I am on tender hooks and I check 3 times a day !!The weather is meant to be warmer early next week so hopefully we will all be busy  bathing and  breathing a sigh of relief !!