12/12/2012 08:35

Hi everyone, well ,Winter really is here and on checking the temperature outside this morning it was -6 degrees!!  So, all those of you with your torties outside now is the time to go check all is well.  Make sure the inside of the housing is DRY  this is really important so as not to get any shell rot..  Check the floor is dry  and there is alot of hay on it as they do tend to scrape it away and end up with none  underneath them.  If in doubt you can carefully lift them an push lots more hay underneath them then pack more around them..  Remember,hay will not freeze if it is dry so it is great to use. Also, make sure it is dry underneath the housing ,not on soil.If it is move it onto hard flooring ie, concrete,patio etc.If you are really worried and we get alot of snow you can pick the whole thing up and put it in a shed or garage. All these things will not disturb them as they are in a really deep sleep. I am in the country and get alot of wind which will drift the snow so if this happens I will put them in the shed but it will have to be extreme. If you remember a much earlier  blog where a friend of mine lost one of her babies who was only a hatchling and he managed to hibernate on his own during the snow etc and  woke up  slim but fine . He I might add had a great Summer and is absolutely fine! So, TRY  not to worry too much although I know it's difficult and if in doubt  let me know; you can email me ..