Foxes and other critters !!

01/09/2012 14:35

I have been asked about what enemies  or predetors  tortoises have ? Well, my answer is only humans  and that is only occassionaly thank goodness ! In all the years I have kept and bred them I have NEVER  had a problem with dogs ,cats, foxes , badgers or birds. Now ,after what happened to my friend recently  with Daisy I am not saying it can never happen; so one must always make sure of any animals owned that will be around your tortoise. Daisy as I said was not killed ,the dog merely wanted to play. This brings me to the garden, I have large pens for the boys and girls and they also come out  to play in the main garden area. I  have chickens (Free range) who use the same garden area and they all live happily together. Since I moved and now have nearly  3/4 of an acre  I thought I would see alot of foxes. I have seen some and obviously they want my chickens so  THE BEST thing to do is get the men in your household to wee around the perimeter of your land/garden !!! Now if you have neighbours I suggest they do it in  jug and then pour it carefully around the edge of your garden. I promise you it works; I have watched  foxes coming to my land on the night vision cameras and suddenly they stop dead and will not come any further . It is like having a  male human  standing there so they won't come into that space.  It also works with cats as well.  You must redo it though every couple of weeks because the rain will wash the scent away. I also put little bags of my dogs poo into a ditch area I have and they won't cross that either. Try it and let me know. Remember, if you are over looked  in your garden, in a jug please I don't want to be blamed for any  arrests !!!!!