29/08/2012 16:43

Today, I thought I would talk about new hatchlings as I have had a few worried calls about them not eating. I always explain that the hatchling has food in reserve from the egg yolk but it is worrying when in charge of such a tiny little thing. Anyway, as I have said the new hatchling has yolk in reserve and will be fine for sometimes a week although it will usually drink soon after hatching. They don't leave me for a few days  and some times weeks but by the time they do they are  eating and have  had a wee and a poo !.and the umbilical area is almost completely sealed if only very young. I monitor them carefully so that I know all is well when they leave my care. When they reach their new home things are different so it will take a little while to get settled. Firstly, in the morning turn lamp on and place hatchling under lamp area  afer about ten minutes to warm up. It will wake up have a look around for food. If you don't think your little one is eating stay with it to make sure it is when you feed it. Chop or cut food with scissors as you can get it very small with scissors,sprinkle limestone flour onto it put it on a plate under the lamp area and place the hatchling onto plate.sometimes they walk around but keep putting it to the food.If they are still not interested they are not hungry.Try again later and if you still think there is a problem you can try squeezing strawberry juice onto the food; they will like the colour smell and sweet taste. Try cress and clover without cutting , try cutting up dandelions including the flower. If food is too dry put  a little water on the plate with food and you may see the hatchling put its head down and drink. I also use pea tops which I get from waitrose (Haven't seen them anywhere else). Watercress is excellent as it is high in calcium. Cut up lots of different things so that they get used to a varied diet and won't become  fussy about what it  eats.Refer to food in previous blog. Don't forget to bath hatchling once the umbilical has SEALED COMPLETELY.If bathed before this bacteria can get into the umbilical area. Bath for about 3- 5 minutes or so, not too long at this age;Hopefully it will drink and sometmes wee and poo which is great as you will know everything is working well.If you have anymore questions please email me.... I know it is a worrying time and not unlike bringing a new baby home from the hospital for the first time, when suddenly it is down to you !!!