Runner Beans !!

17/08/2012 18:48

Hi everyone,well, its been very hot today so I gave my torties a real treat. I defrosted some runner beans (It doesn't matter if they are whole or chopped) and made large piles of them in their pens.They run when they see them !! (Pardon  the pun) and you can hear them squelching and sucking and having a great time.Its like having an ice lolly.If they have aleady had their food for the day you don't have to sprinkle them with limestone flour.It is a good way of knowing theyare getting fluids. I will do this every afternoon during this hot spell. I will also give them a little more chopped lettuce. Sometimes I also put a whole lettuce in and they love it or a whole chunk of spring greens this really does their beaks good. Talking of beaks I am going to do a piece on beaks soon so watch this space..